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WILL COMPOSE ANYTHING | Tel: +972-54-7250556 | | קורות חיים | Resume CV

 Jory (Giora) Kenneth is a composer, guitarist and music teacher. His taste in music is eclectic, and so are his abilities in composing, melding inspiration & influences from rock/pop/blues, classical, folk, country, jazz, musicals, early music and world music. Although thoroughly versed in these mediums, at the top of his list is the insistence to compose music that is both absolutely functional, yet emanates originality. This special, rare blend of his is easily transmitted by even a brief listening to his music.

Jory also has a career as a voice-over dubbing artist; In fact he does so in two languages: Hebrew & English, his native tongue. As one of Israel’s busiest and highly regarded voice actors for over 25 years, he has been lending his voice to both cartoons (close to 300 series & films) and a diversified variety of voice-over ranging from TV commercials to Israeli Air-force hi tech sales etc’.